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Driven by the enthusiasm for the latest trends in IT, I changed schools in 2015 to take my A-levels with a focus on computer science. Since then I have gained practical experience thanks to an ERASMUS internship supported by the EU at an IT company near Barcelona and a further internship with the German IT security expert G Data. Now I would like to take the next step and continue my practical training with a dual course of study in the sector of Information Technology.

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Together with students from the surrounding area and with the support of Microsoft Germany, I have planned an event in Frechen near Cologne to arouse and strengthen enthusiasm for computer science among young students.


As a mentor of various IT courses at the Achievement Center for Natural Sciences & Environmental Issues in Frechen near Cologne, I was able to pass on my passion for IT to students of all ages. In the courses I explained topics such as cybersecurity, C# application development or network design on current topics and implemented them together with the students. This project was also supported by Microsoft Studentpartners with software and hardware.


During my training I was allowed to complete an ERASMUS+ internship in an IT company near Barcelona on a scholarship sponsored by the European Union. I also completed another internship with the German IT security expert G Data in Bochum.